Many people have written to me after their tours and a sample of these reflect their level of satisfaction. You can also read more reviews on TripAdvisor


"You hit exactly the right buttons - adding facts of which we would have remained ignorant had we not had such a knowledgeable and humorous guide - plague pits, croziers, and treasuries"

Richard S (October 2010)



"The feedback from our guests was universally glowing about your tours - you were a big hit and we have already received requests from alumni that you make a repeat attendance next year"

St.Edmund Hall, Oxford (September 2010)


"You did wonders to cover so much ground and keep the children fascinated with everything you told them. A great gift

Sir Michael P (September 2010)


"You lived up to your Hidden Oxford concept and gave us a fascinating insight of the university rather than the conventional sightseeing tour we have come to expect

EDFAS (September 2010)



"Felicity was a tremendous guide on both days - informative and fascinating. Her connections allowed us to experience our visits on a very personal level"

 OA Conference(September 2010)

"You hit just the right note with history and fun and clearly thought through a brilliant 'reveal' of all [Oxford's] secret places Tessa A (February 2010)

  "The Team Quest was a roaring success" Hammerson Group    (November 2010) 



"We loved your entertaining and idiosyncratic approach to guiding, bringing the inanimate to life, winning over the young" - John H (February 2009)

"Your tours with our little group were the highlight of my time at Oxford. My children love your book" - Juliette Q (April 2009)