Tailor Made Tours


By finding out as much as possible about the occasion and the group - ages, special interests, other plans for the day - I can ensure I plan the most engaging and enjoyable tour for you.

Standard Tours

The most popular tour is about Oxford and it's university, to which any additional topics can be added 

Themed Tours

A sample of past themed tours requested includes:

  • Literary Oxford
  • Women at Oxford
  • Science trail
  • Children's literature
  • The role of religion at Oxford
  • Leaders from Oxford
  • Historic alehouses and        taverns
  • Oxford's museums for younger visitors
  • Carvings and codes in stone

    Tours begin at a time and place convenient to you, each lasting up to one and a half hours. Because of the high concentration of historic buildings in the city centre, a great many sights and secrets can be explored in this time. 


    I am happy to recommend good places to visit and to have lunch or tea before or after we meet, so you can make the very best of your day in Oxford. 


    Additional Services and Products

    • For children's events or for young families who want to see Oxford without a guide, I have published 

    'Quite the Best Oxford Quest'

    Costing just £5, this book contains the best routes around the city, a beautifully illustrated map to find the 'treasures' and rhymes and riddles to solve. This is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years old. You can order a copy at the online shop.

    • For memorable team building events and office outings I can create a unique and personalised Corporate Team Quest. On a scenic route around the city, colleagues can work together in teams to solve puzzles and questions, which I will explain at the end of the tour. Price on request.
    • With advance notice I can arrange private visits for small groups to little known venues within the University.
    • I can help to organise a full day's programme in Oxford. I charge an arrangement fee of £25 per hour for this service. Please contact me for further details.

    To see a sample of Felicity's recent research please use the link below:

    Oxford Today